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Store Update!

There a lot of new members, subscribers, and people who've come across GenePool this year!

We've come a long way and have more to go - genuinely we couldn't have done it without the amazing support system, our supporters, colleagues, and our friends. If anybody has any special or custom requests, don't hesitate to send an email! I do a lot of custom work and services outside of what is listed here.

Currently working on more products, more content, and more social media streams! Don't forget to check out tomorrow's post on my new Youtube Channel to assist you on your magical journey and let me know if you have any YT video requests!

Here are some of the current store updates:

Sale: There's a candle sale currently going on that was meant to end on September 9th, 2020, but I've extended it until the 18th! Candle sales are very rare around here (because of the time, the magic, and ritualization included), so if you've been looking to test the effectiveness, but wary about spending, now is a great time to capitalize.

Fundraising: Miss Tiffy is currently donating 20% of ALL SOAP SALES to St.Baldrick's Foundation to help fund new research for childhood cancer. This is going on from now until the end of September! Miss Tiffy's luscious goat milk soaps are definitely a must try. I had to get the soaps into GenePool22 the moment I tried the Dragon's Blood Soap. My other personal favorite (protective) soap is Pine Tar soap. I literally melt everytime I get a whiff of that intensely aromatic pine smell.

Additional Features: Testimonies have been added to the site, but due to the volume of work, I probably will be updating it every few months - since results are the least of my worries haha.

Subscriptions have been added, we have monthly Soap and Candle boxes, as well as 3 month cleaning services listed.

THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TaoChe33 for celebrity tarot readings, magic talk, and how-to's on our products!

I'm very excited to share the progress as GenePool22 grows! We truly hope to contribute to your realization of the miraculous effects of magic and how it can truly benefit your life in ways unimaginable.

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