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Witch Bottle for Money!

Without further ado,

In the photo below, there's a recipe for a witch bottle for money.

First fill up a green poppet with a magnet or prosperity mixes. Don't forget to add hair or nail clippings from whom you wish this spell to protect (100% all natural handmade wool poppets can be found in our shop).

If you don't have a poppet, then you can just throw your personal items into the jar.

Side note: Shredded ones always adds a little kick!

Put some sugar in the jar, insert the poppet, and cover it/surround it with more sugar, as you lay the rest of the ingredients into the jar, always moving in a clockwise motion. Make sure the mixture covers over the top part of the poppet.

You may also put a few drops of preferred money oils into the jar before sealing it.

(Feel free to add whatever else you'd like, but if something happens - it's not my fault and then you'll need to hire me to help you)

Once it's sealed, carve a green candle with a dollar amount, or words of "prosperity and wealth." Whatever you feel like writing, but make sure to watch the way you word It. Keep this on an altar, somewhere dark and safe. Burn a candle on it 1x a month, or as needed, to keep it fed.

SO one time I opened the jar. When I originally made my money jar, I was just starting out. I had sealed in my ex's Silver Coin. The next day I read that it shouldn't be opened ever again - panicked (because it was not mine) and opened the jar, I can assure you the next few months my income was strangely erratic (and not in a good way). Assuming it released an unstable amount of energy and also created blockages which I later had to sort through later on down my path.

Moral of the story, don't open the jar.

Bury it in your yard whenever you're done with it, but I doubt you'll ever be done with this one!

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