Gene Pool has finally found a perfected formula to accumulate charge for universal uses. A wide range of uses include ritual, chakra, meditation, magick, scrying, protection, and the possibilities are endless. 


Some general uses:

  • Placing it on your third eye, while napping or going to bed, is an effective way to induce dreams. Better than any crystal we've worked with.
  • Can be worn or kept on person to manifest scenarios as you want them to happen. For example, wearing GP's Magic Gloves (has a coin piece in each palm) while driving to manifest parking spots.
  • Can be put into a bowl of water to use for scrying.
  • Can be kept around crystals to retain the energy of those crystals, as well as amplifying their energies.
  • For assisting meditation and amplifying any type of energy work.  
  • For amplifying rituals, and assisting with divination.

The possibilities are truly endless.



These charge accumulators are made of 7 alchemical elements, included with Gene Pool's secret amplifying ingredients (for protection as well). Some precious elements include: gold, silver, mercury, and other once commonly used elements in ancient alchemy. 


In short, these ingredients hold any and all types of charges: intent, visualizations, manifestations, akasha/spirit, love, etc.  The magic mirror combined with the charge mix amplify all types of work including scrying and doing work in the astral realms with this.



Coin Piece Energy Booster

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