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All Natural 6-7" Spell Candle. Handcrafted from Beeswax and Palm Wax, with the proper infusion of herbs and oils.


This spell candle is targetted towards those with extreme emotions, anger issues, those who are easily overwhlemed, those who lash out, or those who have violent reactions to emotions. This is what I use when someone is suicidal. This candle is meant to soothe them and keep them calm and docile. This spell candle aids them in healthily processing their emotions, banishing any self victimization, and preventing any desire to cause violence or harm. It's a very calming candle that overrides overwhelming feelings, helping the person maintain their emotions and stay balanced. I recommend burning 3 of these at the same time for serious cases. This spell candle can also soothe and calm people who are manic, anxious, stressed, defensive, or those who just cry a lot. 


Every candle is one of a kind and masterfully handcrafted and ritualized. Candles differ in size, shape, and color. ALL CANDLES COME WITH INSTRUCTION (if missing - feel free to contact us)!

Emotional Management Candle


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