Because of popular demand  is back in stock! (But white tealight candles since I an't find green!) I’ve decided to list these up for sale! Explosive Money Tealights work like a charm. These are what I use for some of my subscription Money Spell Clients (that contract me directly to improve their finances). This tealight candle really packs the punch and also works amazingly well in emergency situations or last second trips to Vegas.


Made to QUICKLY bring in a continuous flow of money from all areas of life as well as attract desired opportunities and financial situations to optimize your income. Quick and effective, especially great for people who work freelance type jobs. Every candle is one of a kind and masterfully handcrafted. Candles differ in size, shape, and color.


Check Youtube: TaoChe33 for a How to: Money Tealight Spell Candle Video

Explosive Money Tealight Pack