Facilitates friendships and emphasizes the importance of a specific connection between 2 people. Great for those who are trying to gain the good graces of their boss or in laws. In situations where there was a falling out, or breakup, the desire to create and maintain a friendship will be positively reinforced 

All Natural 6" Spell Candles. Handcrafted from Beeswax and Palm Wax, infused with specially formulated herbs and oils, a then ritualized for the impact.

This candle assists those looking to establish a good friendship and connection. Even works for breakup situations where someone would like to remain friends with the other party. 
Every candle is one of a kind and masterfully handcrafted. Candles differ in size, shape, and color. ALL CANDLES COME WITH INSTRUCTION (if missing - feel free to contact us)!

Friendship Candle