The kit comes with 3 reversible votive candles, a small vial of reversing oil, and some herbs to aid you in the process. This kit is used to send negative energies back to sender, while uncrossing your money, your happiness, and your life from crossed conditions. 

Instructions will come included for an additional fee, since I will be teaching you a priceless spell, 

Handpoured Red, Green, and White Votive Reversible Candles by GenePool22. Tired of waiting 7 days for those reverse candles to burn down? Reverse negative energies within a matter of hours! My reverse candles are convenient while retaining the effectiveness of regular 7 day candles. Used to change your luck and reversing negative energies.
Every candle is one of a kind and masterfully handcrafted. Candles differ in size, shape, and color. ALL CANDLES COME WITH INSTRUCTION (if missing - feel free to contact us)!

Triple Action Reverse Kit