Everything you need in one package to clear your home of negative energy or entities and keep them out for good!


Sage is traditionally used to create a state of healing and to push out negative energy. Palo Santo Wood allows positive energy back into your home. Red Brick Dust is  used to create a magickal barrier around your home and Pine Tar Water is used to seal. 


Package Includes 1oz bag of Red Brick Dust; 1oz eye drop bottle of tar water; Sage smudge stick; Pine Tar Soap and Palo Santo Wood.



Step by Step Instructions for use included.

ADDED BONUS FOR DECEMBER: Will inclue a 4" Abalone Shell. 




Home Clearing & Sealing Kit

  • Contents Include: 

    1oz bottle of Tar Water

    1oz bag of specially blended Red Brick Dust 

    Palo Santo Wood and White Sage bundle