These poppets are made out of dyed (100%) wool and come with an open back which you can stuff full of herbs, charms, oils, whatever you desire that can fit inside. Each poppet is roughly 4” - 7” with an opening of about 2”-3” and has a wire core allowing you to pose the doll’s arms and legs.


Each poppet will come with a felting needle which will allow you to close the back, ensuring the contents do not spill out.


Stuffing instructions: Place the items you have chosen into the back cavity ensuring they are not rising above the walls of the opening to ensure the back cover will reach the other side of back. Place the felt flap over the opening so the edge touches as much felt as possible. Proceed to take the needle and repeatedly press it through both layers of felt so they knot and fuse together while being careful not to stab the ingredients inside the doll or the needle may break. We recommend pressing the needle toward the outside of the body and not the inside to stay safe. Proceed to close the three remaining edges until the stuffing of your choosing is securely stuffed inside of the doll. You may now use the doll as you please.


Warning: The needle provided is sharp so we advise caution when using it on the poppet. Being gentle with the poppet during stuffing and posing will ensure best results.

Stuffable Felt Poppet