The Psychic Control Candle is a Lotus Scented SPELL candle for keeping all psychic workings, rituals, and seances under your control. Have this candle burning in the background of your spiritual work to improve accuracy when doing divination, to improve your channel with/to spirit, and to help you better see, communicate, and receive messages from intended places. This candle opens your third eye and crown chakras,  enhancing your ability to receive messages, communicate with spirits, and heighten your vibration. 


These candles are great aids that enhance your vision and reception during meditation or visualization work. I made one extra candle since I had leftover wax. This was originally supposed to only be for me and my workings, but decided to list it up for that one lucky buyer!


There are many other ways to use this candle but I personally burn this for:

- doing seances

- meditation/vision questing

- while doing divination


Burning regular scented candles tend to have dull energies that can actually invite other random energies into the home. All Scented GP22 Candles come with potent and concentrated scents to provide practical usage in enhancing the aroma of the environment, while giving you full enjoyment that comes with the added magical benefits. Unlike regular spell candles, GP22 Scented Candles are "start and stop," which eliminated the need to wait until a spell candle is fully burned out! Start and stop this candle whenever you please without worrying about "pausing" or "interfering" with the spell!

These candles are made with soy and coconut wax to ensure a potent, and happy, scented candle experience. The glass jars are also recycled from a very busy and lively business place, which enhance and amplify the potency of the magic imbued into it.

Psychic Control Scented Spell Candle