Psychic Enhancement (Site Favorite): Each headworking spell is custom poured with all natural waxes that are healthy for breathing.

You can either buy the skull candle poured with our special psychic blend of herbs and oil, or upgrade to one that's not only custom poured but also activated, charged, and prepared by us to maximize the psychic enhancement experience!

The regular ones are seen in the picture without any extra added herbs or blends. The upgraded ones have extra blends on top (refer to photos), it is then customized with our special techniques, and ritualized for the client.


All of the customers who've tried this spell have said they've felt it the moment it get's lit and experience dreams the same night.


Dressed and oiled with the proper herbs to give

  • Opens the Crown & Third Eye Chakra for recieving knowledge, visions, vivid dreams, and enhanced intuition.
  • Let the truth unravel before your eyes. See the truth in situations & people. Receive divine wisdom, downloads, and guidance.
  • Helps with astral travel and amplifying psychic awareness.



Psychic Enhancement Spell Candle