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I'm a strong advocate for protection amongst practitioners, I believe that the more magic you practice, the more protection you should have. A lot of people overlook and get sloppy with protection and I'm someone who has found that kind of habit to be detrimental. This is why I've decided to offer one of my stronger protection pieces for those who are practicing any kind of energetic or magical work. (If you are not a practitioner and do not have to deal with other practitioners, you shouldn’t need this protection)


This is a powerful protection that combats hexes, evil eye, and heavy/denser negative energies. It also prevents the attachment of negative entities, which will powerfully serve and protect those who are around a lot of spirits. This protection piece is extremely useful because it catches the majority of negative energy, so that you don't have to go through a full process to cleanse and hexbreak yourself. Instead it makes it so that all you need to do (if you even have to) is a simple cleanse and then be good just because you had the protection to catch most of it.


This is to be kept and worn on the body at all times. If broken, it indicates that it has hit the threshold of negativity that it can bare and has broken - which means you must throw it away and replace it.


This Protection also helps repel negative people, situations, and circumstances - but is mainly for protection against negative energies and magical attack. It's been heavily ritualized over the course of multiple days and is the same way I do for some of my vital pieces.


Comes with instructions.

Protection Amulet [Ritualized]

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