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Unlock the Power of Shiva's Blessings with Our Ritual Service


Through my deeply established personal connection with Lord Shiva, I spend 2 entire days preparing for this ritual, and actually performing it and devoting myself to it. I perform ritual offerings and devotions on your behalf to invoke Shiva's blessings of happiness, protection, health, love, luck, and fortune. This service is a beacon of hope in times of need, during health challenges, or whenever an infusion of positivity and good fortune is sought. 


This ritual may include up to 3 people, and comes with 1 Free Cleanse for any person that I will do in front of Shiva; this also comes with 3 candles that I carve with your names on it and light on his altar. This ritual also comes with Ganesh's oversight, and is truly a very deep devotional Hindu ritual that truly changes lives. I will also mail you a Shiva charm that is blessed in your name during this ritual; the Shiva charms will continue to benefit you long after this ritual is over and will also give you a strong connection to Lord Shiva whenever it may feel necessary to have. 


Shiva's divine guidance, channeled through this ritual, is a profound force. Many have attested to feeling a newfound sense of calm, discovering solutions to their problems, and enjoying improved luck in their endeavors. Lord Shiva is a kind, compassionate, strong-willed, and patient deity who ardently wishes the best for us.


This divine blessing unfolds over the course of six transformative months, bringing a positive shift to your life.


To ensure the efficacy of this ritual, we kindly request the following information upon purchase:

  • Your First & Last Name used to place the order
  • Your Phone Number
  • The Full Name & Birthday (MM/DD/YY) of the intended recipients
  • Background Story/Details, providing insight into your aspirations and concerns to tailor the spell formulation for optimal results
  • The most recent selfie or photo of the targets (which may be sent via email or WhatsApp)


As an added benefit, all our purchased service work includes direct contact with me via WhatsApp. Simply click the download link after checkout to access my contact information. Alternatively, you may reach me via email at


Let Shiva's divine grace illuminate your path and bring forth a future rich in blessings and abundance."

Shiva's Grace & Blessings Service


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    Refunds or exchanges are not permitted, this is non negotiable. 

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