The Space Cleaner is a Cucumber Mint Scented SPELL candle for clearing out negativity, unwanted energies, and low vibrations of any room and space that it's burned in.  Dispels negativity, is mildly hexbreaking, and above all, it's a very refreshing candle (Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically Cleanses and Refreshes). Great for energetically clearing out cluttered spaces or places that trauma has occured in the home. For "freshening" up the mind, body, or home!


The Cleansing Candle is the alternative (non-scented) spell candle version of the Space Cleaner. If you want to specifically focus the cleansing energies onto you or a person, you may carve the name into the top of the candle and burn it down accordingly. 


Burning regular scented candles tend to have dull energies that can actually invite other random energies into the home. All Scented GP22 Candles come with potent and concentrated scents to provide practical usage in enhancing the aroma of the environment, while giving you full enjoyment that comes with the added magical benefits. Unlike regular spell candles, GP22 Scented Candles are "start and stop," which eliminated the need to wait until a spell candle is fully burned out! Start and stop this candle whenever you please without worrying about "pausing" or "interfering" with the spell!

These candles are made with soy and coconut wax to ensure a potent, and happy, scented candle experience. The glass jars are also recycled from a very busy and lively business place, which enhance and amplify the potency of the magic imbued into it.

Space Cleaner Scented Spell Candle