About Us

GenePool22 is a Metaphysical Boutique that started as a side gig. A few years later, I am now full time doing spells, pouring candles, readings, and teaching. This website was originally created as a hobby to share leftover tools from our own stash that we found to work for us.

 GP22 includes UNIQUE and different handmade items from fellow practitioners. All of our products have been used in our spell work and are still continued to be used today! 

We've been through a slew of magical afflictions and have treated them as well. That's why we're here now and only getting better!]

As I have grown through trial and tribulation, so has GenePool22. This website was created so we could contribute what's missing in the community: the truth and the results!

The proof is in the pudding!

Email For Wholesale Inquiries 

Contact us via Email: Contact.GenePool22@Gmail.com

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Image by Gio Bartlett

High King Dabbie

Occult Enthusiast

The candles and services are my specialty! I'm initiated into Golden Dawn, have experience with mediumship, and am (more than) familiar with many systems of magic.

I love all things Esoteric and Occult. Always striving for Truth and Results.

Image by Jade Stephens

Miss Tiffy

Spiritual Relations Specialist

An HR specialist, but for Spiritual Affairs!  

After her abilities were laid dormant, they were reawakened after training with multiple occult sources.

WARNING: Accidentally turns on stoves when angry