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  • How long for shipping? General Shipping Info (PLEASE READ)
    The order is first processed and then shipped. Typically, we process orders within 1 day. This can vary 3-5 days, depending if there is a high volume of orders. "Made To Order" packages are standard 3-7 business days for processing. Shipping takes 3-5 business days to arrive. International Orders take 7 - 21 Business Days to arrive. We DO NOT refund orders with incorrect addresses. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK TO INPUT THE CORRECT ADDRESS. We ship with USPS (United States Postal Service). Tracking is sent through email. On occasion, we will forget to input tracking, but we ALWAYS send out our orders. In the case of this happening, feel free to reach out for shipping or tracking information. We recommend ALWAYS putting your number into the checkout page so that we can immediately notify or contact you if there is any issues with the package.
  • How do I use the products?
    All candles come with instructions. For video tutorials, and more clarity on other products, check out my youtube channel: TaoChe33 Link to Youtube: For any questions or concerns, or if there is any missing instruction, please feel free to email us at where the response is guaranteed (in comparison to IG and other social media platforms). Other methods of communication and learning are open on the platforms below, however responses aren't always guaranteed, so make sure to send us an email to notify us IG: @genepool22 Twitter: @misstiffy1111 & @OccultHours
  • Refunds or Guarantees?
    We are legally required to advise that the magical properties of our products and services are “alleged” and as such, the results cannot be guaranteed. No ethical practitioner can guarantee a certain result from magical work, because of the principle of free will. Customers should consider our products and services to be sold as aids for achieving desired results, or as a curios only, and no actual claims are made as to the effectiveness of psychic or magical work or products. GenePool22 is not liable for advice given by staff regarding the usage of said curios.
  • Does it work?
    Read our testimonials page. Yes, MAGIC ALWAYS WORKS - but results may vary. LEGALLY WE HAVE TO SAY WE CAN'T GUARANTEE RESULTS. In Singapore it is illegal to teach and do black magic (jail time). So, if an entire government (a few of them), acknowledge the power of magic and have made laws against it - it is up for you to decide what to believe. To minimize unexpected or unwanted results on your end we include instructions on our products, to maximize desired results. If you properly follow the instructions your wishes will be granted, however there may be many other factors at play if your spells aren't working - which is when we recommend purchasing a reading so that we can properly guide you on how to maximize results and thoroughly enjoy your magical experience.
  • Do you offer custom services?
    Yes, we do! We are always open to doing custom work, services, products, etc., so don't be afraid to reach out! Email: Again, you may contact us on our social media, but email is always for guaranteed response. It is recommend if you contact us on social media, to also reach out through email. IG: @genepool22 Twitter: @misstiffy1111 & @OccultHours
  • International Shipping?
    Yes! We ship internationally. International packages may take up to 3 weeks, but for the most part my experience with shipping to Canada, UK, and Australia have been 2 weeks. I recommend not purchasing any glass or fragile items for international orders, because USPS always takes proper care of our shipments, but once it goes out of the U.S. the handling is typically becomes very rough and may break glass candles.
  • Payment Methods?
    We ONLY accept payments through Paypal, Cashapp, and Zelle. If orders are coordinated to be fulfilled in person, payment may be discussed privately. What we do NOT accept: moneygram, giftcards, venmo, western union, etc.
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