**Check Subscriptions for lower price. This working is higher priced because it is custom tailored towards every client and is done ASAP**Great when needed to IMMEDIATELY calm someone down. This service eases the mind, heart, body, & soul, restoring the person back to their normal self. Results are seen OVERNIGHT by ALL of my clients (Check Testimonials). **Eases pain, illnesses, and discomfort. Reduces and (usually) eliminates fevers OVERNIGHT. This cleansing does more than just heal you mentally, and spiritually, but also PHYSICALLY. Have been using this to heal CoVid + with 100% success rates so far (the sooner you reach out the quicker the healing process). Does not work for spider bites. Quickly get back to feeling clear, focused, energized, and light. This service is amazing for people who haven't been thinking/feeling right, are going through emotional distress, or are surrounded by negativity. This work is heavy & EFFECTIVE for dispelling heavy emotions, thoughts, guilt, and trauma. Results felt overnight. I've had plenty of success doing this and have had many big people experience positive results as well. I'm open to discuss any concerns and results- but these cleanings are something I DO BEST. Information you need to send upon purchase: First + Last name used to place the order. Target’s Full Name & Birthday (MM/DD/YY) Background Story/Details (to optimize spell formulation to best reach desired results) The MOST recent selfie or photo of the target (May be sent to Email or WhatsApp) All Purchased Service Work comes with Direct Contact to my WhatsApp # click the download link after checkout to get my contact information. Otherwise, email Contact.GenePool22@gmail.com

Cleaning Service