Spell work done on your behalf, by us, in our Ritual Space. Includes picture updates (if requested).


Whether you want them to stop talking about you, or just go mute. Great to use for coworkers, gossiping family members, in-laws, and whoever just pisses you off. Make sure to mention upon purchase what you desire to happen from this spell. Spell also works on people who you want to stop talking to your lover or anybody else. 


For a more powerful and permanent SHUTUP SPELLS (for serious cases), the costs is $600. You can purchase this and contact me via email to directly discuss the plan of action along with payment of the remaining balance.


What this spellwork does/can do:

  • Makes the target completely mute around you, unable to say or speak about whatever you wish.
  • Halts all gossip from the target. Makes the target unable to accuse/lie/gossip about you
  • Shuts their f*cking mouths up. They won’t speak or say anything about what you specify.
  • Bringing burning pain is optional (Mention this if you want this)


Depending on severity, this working takes 1-3 Nights for the target to feel, typically showing full on results in 2 weeks. May take up to 3 weeks to powerfully manifest. All effects are generally seen overnight, and very effective after 2 weeks.

Information you need to send upon purchase:

  • First & Last name used to place the order
  • Phone #
  • Target’s Full Name & Birthday (MM/DD/YY)
  • Background Story/Details (to optimize spell formulation to best reach desired results)
  • The MOST recent selfie or photo of the target (May be sent to Email or WhatsApp)

All Purchased Service Work comes with Direct Contact to my WhatsApp # click the download link after checkout to get my contact information. Otherwise, email Contact.GenePool22@gmail.com


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