Spell work done on your behalf, by us, in our Ritual Space.


This spell work removes hexes and crossed conditions. It cleanses away the bad luck, negativity, and ill fortune surrounding you. This work removes and severs connections to negativity, and gives the person a "clean slate" to build up from. It "uncrosses" conditions for the client so that they may start to live their life liberated from any hindrances or malignancies.


**This working also removes minor spirit attachments**


(Black, or heavier magic, requires a multitude of different treatments depending on situation. For help with those, send us an email: contact.genepool22@gmail.com)


This spellwork does a multitude of things:

- If your magic hasn't been as successful, this helps clear the ways to allow your spells to manifest as effectively as possible.

- Turns around bad luck streaks, brings good fortune.

- Brings a sense of clarity and refreshment to life.

- Deeply cleanses and eradicates all negative situations, scenarios, people, emotions, and energies.

- Mental, Spiritual, and Physical deep cleansing.

- Releases trauma, stress, negativity. Abolishes any negative feelings, and thoughts.

- Feeling the weight lift off of your shoulders.


Depending on severity, this working takes 1-3 Nights to take effect and 1 week to see your life positively changing.


Information you need to send upon purchase:

  • First & Last name used to place the order
  • Phone #
  • Target’s Full Name & Birthday (MM/DD/YY)
  • Background Story/Details (to optimize spell formulation to best reach desired results)
  • The MOST recent selfie or photo of the target (May be sent to Email or WhatsApp)

All Purchased Service Work comes with Direct Contact to my WhatsApp #. Just click the download link after checkout to get my contact information. Otherwise, email Contact.GenePool22@gmail.com


Uncrossing Service