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Basic (Spell) Candle Magic Rules

It really dawned on me that this blog post is at the utmost importance because when I started this site, I was targetting experienced witches, but now am finding that my audience is very broad. From readers trying to get an extra money boost, to reiki practitioners trying to amplify their psychic senses, no matter how far along in their practice, people are just looking for some magical help (even though some don't consider themselves practitioners)!

It shocked me to hear that people were BLOWING OUT spell candles, not that there isn't a way back from that, but that is one candle magic's biggest sins.

  1. First things first, never leave a candle unattended/unsupervised. If you do, please find a safe place outside for it to continue burning.

  2. Fire safe containers. When I first started doing heavier spells, all I would use and look for is GLASS. NOPE that doesn't work for BIG spells, they will shatter and explode EVERY TIME. Now I stick to foil pans for EVERY spell (Trust me, you really don't want to frantically improvise on how to carry a flaming plate into the backyard hoping that your eyebrows won't burn off).

  3. Never blow out a candle. NEVER. In case of emergency, smother or suffocate the flame.

  4. Almost always recommended to let spell candles burn all the way out in one shot. Once you light it, do not touch nor tamper it unless it's to help the flame/wick continue burning.

  5. Always state intention, carve your name/intent into the candle, or write a petition to go with the candle. Either of the 3 choices will work, I recommend to choose 1 of 3, but all 3 can be incorporated. Carving is the best and most effective choice (IMO).

These are the top 5 Universal Rules for spell candles that will ALWAYS do you right. These rules can be applied to ALL CANDLE MAGIC and SPELL CANDLES. Whether those spell candles came from me or not, these 5 rules are the general rule of thumb and what most spiritual workers sell their candles expecting people to know.

Do your best not to tamper with spell candles. Once the candle is lit, it becomes a metaphorical magical bomb, and every part of it needs to continue in order for the bomb of intention to detonate and create ripples into your life!

Ending Note: 7 day glass candles make me nervous since the user has to babysit them for 5 days when left indoors. I often leave them in a safe place outside to burn where I confidently don't have to check up on it. The reason I like to reiterate fire safety is because of many reasons (magical theory), but the one I find most important to mention is about a famous youtube witch. Her and her husband died in a house fire, luckily her kids were protected well and safe. Here is her YT page:

When you're a witch, nonetheless a powerful one, there's just some risks we can't afford to take - and unfortunately, I believe that she was being attacked. The unsupervised burning candles were an easy target to use for destruction against her family. Without having to go into further detail, accidents happen, or accidents are planned. Attack or no attack, fire is an insane element. Practice fire safety to ensure that you and nobody else gets hurt! WE'RE NOT PRACTICING SACRIFICE!!!!

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