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When Heartbroken & Looking for Relief - Emotional Support Post

In this line of business, a lot of people profit off of people’s romantic desperation. Often times, we recommend to reevaluate hasty decisions to recapture a lover who is/has walked away (at least here at Gene Pool). We all know too well from experience that sometimes the pain is just too tremendous to bear another moment without.

So what is the first set of advice?

We want what’s best for you. We still take certain clients on for love/lover return spells, but we ALWAYS insist to FIRST cleanse yourself (or purchase our Cleaning Service) to get a clear head and really think over: if you were given another chance, how do you know it won’t end the same way? Or perhaps right now it doesn’t matter how it ends as long as you get them back?

One thing that is a given, is if it takes magic to make a lover return, it’s mostly likely going to take magic to make them stay. Most of these cases are toxic relationships so be prepared to either settle or get ready to do some serious love spells.

Before you start emptying your pockets on a stubborn lover, consider getting emotional healing (which our Energetic Healing Session also does) to move onto better, healthier, and more caring partners that YOU DESERVE. With the use of magic, you can save yourself from a considerable amount of heartache, sadness, and despair. Most of the people coming to me about this situation are typically better off without this person!!! Don’t forget there’s magic to attract better partners too!

At the end of the day, we’re not here to tell you who to love. Because when we don’t listen to our hearts, we end up regretting it.

If you’re reading this and looking for any sort of immediate relief or way of coping, below are some helpful motivational Youtube videos.

For a quick spiritual fix, try the egg cleansing technique in this video; focus on rubbing the egg over the heart and the head to remove all of the negativity being generated In those areas. You should feel instant relief from performing this.

Below are videos to help you get through heartache and heartbreak. Each video is handpicked by me! Feel free to binge watch the suggested YT channels to fill in the empty space that your mind wanders off to during rough times.

To get what you want, you do NOT chase. You attract! Some of these videos will talk about how ”not contacting” your ex/lover is sometimes the best way to get them back.

Breakups and Coping with them: (Surviving a Breakup)

Healthy advice on how to get your ex back in a healthy manner that also motivates you to work on yourself:

Word to the codependents; people that don’t want to be “alone”

Always process breakups healthily. If you truly love someone, you don't react by dating other people and flaunting - that just shows that you're much less humane than you thought (by turning off/replacing/substituting emotions). It also trains the brain to unhealthily cope by subconsciously promoting escapism; which most of the time, will drive the emotions to a worsened state that doesn't have to be addressed until the person crashes with everything they've been avoiding and then having to address it long after a situation has been "dead." Work on yourself and all things will follow along <3

I truly hope this helps you guys make the best decision to honor yourself. During rough times, remember to get out there (even if you don’t want to) and surround yourself with people who DO love you - even if it’s not romantic love. I also recommend watching Twitch streams of a game called “Dead by Daylight” to help with the loneliness. (I gotta thank a close friend for giving me that one during a rough time in my life) Focus on things you always wanted to do and DO THEM. PAY and sign up for classes to force yourself to commit to whatever it may be. Use magic to enhance your life, get better career opportunities, travel, or go OUT! What have you always wanted to do but never did because of complacency? Break out of the moping cycle. Going out and doing things might (quite frankly) feel like shit, BUT it's about breaking the neurological pathways to unhealthy patterns/habits. Most of the time people end up relieved and glad that they decided to go out!

If you’re in the good parts of the recovery stage, I recommend you try the Hot Attraction Oil. My formula is even great for introverts, since it gets people to stare at and talk to the wearer/possessor. The most recent testimonials I've received from it are hilarious!

Do some affirmations, self love rituals, and cleanse!!! You got this 😤



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