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Marriage is a Binding Ritual

A ring for engagement? Material desires and earth bound connection? Not to mention the rings around Saturn! WHAT IS MARRIAGE?

That's right. It's 2020 and if you haven't put 2 and 2 together, it's about time!

Marriage consists of a legally binding contract that also, as said, is binding you to another person, NOT ONLY SPIRITUALLY, but also physically entangling two people - like married couples having to reporting their taxes together to the IRS. Coincidentally, taxes are another theme of Saturn, but that's for later.

Rope Binding
Thai Wedding

Saturn rules the material world and represents the father aspect, which is why it's "til death do us part." While the father is the one to give the bride away. It's also a planet recognized for it's literal restrictive and binding properties (often used for hexing).

Other cultures have different ceremonies that still include Saturnian themes. Eastern Asian culture will bind ropes around the head and hands of the bride and groom to physically represent the binding of these two humans as more than physical but as spiritual.

Basic HandFasting Ceremony

These types of rituals can also be seen with the witchcraft wedding tradition called a "Handfasting Ceremony." Now until I wrote this article, I had NO CLUE that it was a CELTIC based tradition, a few witches that I know in real life have had handfasting ceremonies, but definitely do not practice any Celtic traditions. Below is a basic image of a handfasting ceremony for ritual purposes. This ceremony is basically a considered a witches wedding, so don't think that there isn't a crowd or partying involved! Here we get the same themes of binding 2 people (and parts) together. Here's a basic breakdown on Handfasting Ceremonies (And if any of you were inspired to have one because of this post, better send the invite. Better yet, let be the Officiant)

I used Venus and Mars for a reason (;
Wedding Bands (His + Hers)

Wedding rings are expected to be made of diamonds (SORRY TO MY MALE FOLLOWERS) which is a gem also ruled by Saturn. Let's quickly talk about diamonds and then tie the connections together. Diamonds are explained to be one of the hardest materials on Earth.

"In diamonds, these electrons are shared with four other carbon atoms to form very strong chemical bonds resulting in an extremely rigid tetrahedral crystal. It is this simple, tightly-bonded arrangement that makes diamond one of the hardest substances" - LINK

The promised and agreed connection (BOND) between two people can be represented in the properties and structure of a Diamond.

Basically, to show how real my love and bond for you is, I'm going to give you the hardest, realest, substance that there is on this Earthly plane. Let this diamond represent that my love for you is as tight as the molecular structure, which happens to be one of the most perfectly tightly woven molecular structures, that there is on this Earth (ok I'm exaggerating). The solidification of two people's etheric bond is outwardly reflected in an expensive rock (Diamonds).

If you notice to the male and female wedding bands together create an 8 (and look like handcuffs). Saturn is the ruler or KARMA, which is represented by the number 8. This KARMIC union is not only tying you 2 together in this life, but for many lives to come. 8 is a number of infinity and wedding ceremonies create cords that stay connected well beyond this life. In the next life you will most likely find yourself a wreck at some point, asking your tarot reader (again for the 50th life about one of your past life brides/grooms): "Did I have past lives with this person???" To find out that you damn well binded yourself to them!!!! When you put on the rings and exchange vows, you are accepting the Terms & Agreements, which includes sharing each other's karma as well as accepting the entanglement of your karmic fates TOGETHER as a unit. I used Mars and Venus weddings bands for the images on purpose, but that info is a little more advanced than I'd like to get into, hopefully you enjoy searching (;

Another aspect I don't really feel like typing out is that rings go over the heart finger, restricting the freedom of your heart - in other words, you promised to love only one person.

Some feel as though marriage is a trap, others feel as though it is a prison. Everyone has their own definitions, but in my double 6 lifepath head...

Marriage, in all of it's deep passionate, and heart felt words, is supposed to be an equal sharing your life with someone, finding the perfect counterbalance that helps make life easier (or harder). Someone to share hardships with and most importantly, someone you want to be with in every lifetime. When you marry someone, you are energetically and karmically tying them to you for the rest of your lives here on Earth! Your exes could very well be your husbands/wives from another lifetime, but we all know how that sh*t goes lol.

I wish you guys a happy Saturn's Day. Til next time!


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