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My Witchy Youtube Channel!

Writing blog posts, managing my store, marketing, handling spellwork clients, responding to messages, rituals, and juggling a personal life is why I haven't been able to be on top of blog content

THUS I've created a Youtube Channel so that I can whip videos out on a whim. I'll still be writing blog posts, but highly recommend subscribing to my Youtube channel (below) to assist you on your magical journey and shed as much knowledge as I can on my experience of the pursuit of results.

TaoChe33 - Youtube Channel (Click Here)

My YT Channel is filled with Tarot Forecasts, Instructionals, Personal Stories, Commentary, and Advice! I genuinely can go on and on about anything related to magic, so this YT channel should be a treasure chest for serious seekers.

My Tarot Forecasts are typically done on celebrities and high profile leaders. I take 98% of all the suggestions and requests I get so make sure to comment below the videos and let me know who/what you'd like me to read. For Celebrity Tarot Readings (Click Here)

I get a lot of questions about how to use products or do certain spells. I typically include printed out instructions with purchases, but in the case that you're a visual learner, like me, I uploaded some videos on how to do the Psychic Enhancement Spell and Fast Cash Spell here.

My playlist: "Magic School (click here)" shows the instructionals, lessons/lectures, and personal experience.

I'm open to all suggestions, so feel free to message and comment wherever you'd like. I try to make magic and it's concepts easily understood - so don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments!

On a non professional-like note: this year and the past year has been insane (b*tsh*t crazy), and as I write this I am shaking my head in awe at the things I have seen and done. Accidentally finding out I can heal covid overnight is one of the best things to come of it, but I can't believe the year isn't over and I really do hope to share and open people to the miraculous world of magic. I'm glad I can help and hope that my experiences, my content, and my friends and colleagues can truly show you the beauty and benefits of the metaphsyical.

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