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The Secret Behind "Money Draw" Oils

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

You're definitely not going to like hearing this...

Forbid you've ever done so - but have YOU ever bought a "Money Draw" Oil? There is a HUGE secret about them... I've asked many and few have had responses


Given the fact that many agree after I share my findings, I know that most have never had a real or potent money oil, spell, nor candle. The ones that use money draw oil often encounter the same misfortune.

A lot of what spellcrafting is in the movies deals with coming up with catchy phrases and litanies, correct? What comes to mind when you hear the word "draw?"

To draw is "to pull or drag" something. Another definition is to end a game, or contest, with a"tie," matching scores.

Now if words are magick, and spellcrafting has a lot to do with words, to DRAW is not optimal for money oils because it DRAWS THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKETS!!!!!!!!!


Any practitioner, store, or whatever that uses the word "Money Draw" for their oils, most likely consecrated it with the same words. If you brought that oil into your house and things haven't been going too well since, then toss it TF out. Throw it in the garbage bin outside!

Perhaps if you desire to draw money out of someone else it could work, but I don't like being in contact with anything that draws money out.

I woke up after using the oil everyday and had my bank account over drafted . I only used it for 2 days and noticed instantly the BS. I kept it again for a long time wondering if and when to use it again but after learning how to do money spells or oils I dumped that stuff in the trash!!!

This all being said, it's important to buy products that produce results! Just because a Money Oil doesn't say "Money Drawing" on it, doesn't mean it works - often times Money oils can be scams or produce results that can be negative.

We have an Abundance Oil in store infused with 24k gold inside the bottle that you can remove once done & use or spellwork.

Also be wary that money oils and other workings don't often produce the strongest results during mercury rx. GP22 is working on releasing more oils as well!

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