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Psychedelic Theories – Catch ME on the Flip Side!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

For those who DON’T know, psychedelic trips bare similarities with spiritual/shamanic journeys and situations.

I'm posting this little short read on a 22 day in numerology because I want to be able to speak about each point on their own blog posts. But before doing that, I just have to lay it down so the truths may unfold on their own for you as well.

The Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead are almost guidebooks to an intense DMT trip. But before we get into all of that - I want to get a couple theories off of my chest

1. 3 different psychedelics. Acid, Shrooms, DMT. Acid trips are dependent on the environment (outer). Shroom trips are dependent on your inner state, and DMT trips are a mix of the outer and inner (and whatever the F#&$ else). Anybody who takes enough of any of those substances, is due for a divine intervention and can experience the DMT/OBE (outer body experience) mix.

2. An entity almost ALWAYS has to take you down the portal/vortex (to the astral, during the breakthrough)

3. The Egyptian & Tibetan Books of the dead are almost a step by step DMT trip since DMT is released when you die (it’s a guide that assists the dead – must be done within a certain time frame)

Okay, big occult gems I’m going to drop - ONLY because you’re reading my blog, AND don’t forget it. If you take my information and put it somewhere else as if it were your own, or without crediting me, I promise you will incur karma.

Welcome to the Bardos

Alright – so... The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary is a book with descriptions for the progressions of a DMT/Spiritual trip. It is, arguably, also a walk through for the Books of the Dead.

Highly recommend the read, although - I’ve never read all of it – lol. But go and enrich your mind. Become well read on the subject and come debate me since I get bored (; That’s how we formulate or further prove these theories!

Some people seriously think that they're experiencing some profound experience, but when they speak about it, they sound like a caveman "The world was yellow and wavy and then turned purple." Then you get guys like Steve Jobs who comes up with an entire company.

Sorry to break it to the colorful trip people, but that's nothing compared to a breakthrough.

Which is literally an OBE where you can't return until "the silver chord has been rung." I would have to write about that in an entirely different blog post.

Back to my first theory though, why did the government use LSD in MK-Ultra? Not because it's synthesized, but because it's trip and effects are more DEPENDENT ON YOUR OUTER ENVIRONMENT (aka something they can control).

So as you're tripping balls on acid, imagine people trying to break your brain by splitting your vision in half. One eye sees happy animals frolicking in the woods, while the other eye is tormented with seeing an animal ripped to complete utter shreds, all the while other sensations are being uploaded. Sounds effective to me.

Shrooms is natural (natural POISON). With acid I've heard/seen a lot of people able to talk themselves out of their trips and visions. However, on shrooms with a troubled inner state of mind........ goodluck.

DMT is just something I'd just have to make a separate blog post on. But for a quick enlightening version, studying DMT trips can teach you a lot about spiritual aspects. Maybe even open doors to showing you, that there is more connections in life than a bleak scientific existence.

Those who've done the right amount of DMT will have their entire lives flash before their eyes, meaning they've tricked their brains into thinking it's released the amount of DMT released at death.

Another point, is that a group of people can do DMT at the same time and have the same trips. Seeing and travelling with each other on their trips (as well as rescuing their friends by going into their friend's trips). Science can't explain that sh*t yet can it?

Most people don't know this, but if you want to go to the astrals you have to take a generous amount of DMT and then CLOSE YOUR F*CKING EYES.

You're not leaving your body if your eyes are open. PERIOD. Although there are exceptions and those exceptions deal with possession and other "hard to explain in one blog post" circumstances.

HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Once you study psychedelic trips in detail, it becomes a more perilous looming thought of "what ifs," and then when you experience it - it is very much filled with apprehension - and those who know anything about breaking through the portal, know that apprehension will hold you back from doing so. It's all or nothing, and once you commit - there's no turning back.

One last warning... DMT is not a party drug. You can chase the portal/vortex all you want - but like magic, once you turn your back on it, it won't be so easily welcoming of you - had you accepted it from the get go.

DMT is a cheat code, it WILL incur karma if you're trying to binge on it, or chase the portal. Once you turn down the portal (usually done out of fear or because you SHOULDN'T TRUST THE ENTITIES TRYING TO DRAG YOU DOWN THERE), you have another window of time you must "reset" before being able to see/go down the portal again. That means, you shouldn't smoke DMT for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, especially if you want to chase that portal again and have the opportunity to take it downtown. Take it from someone who's tried.

The karma I'm talking about that can be incurred by trying to binge the DMT ( or shrooms or acid), will result in suffering or torment during the trip, almost like a painful ejection and lesson from the spiritual realm.

One last thing, I'm not promoting the use of any substances. This is almost like a warning and a little short guide to help you better understand what you're getting yourself into.

I've seen the beginning stages of a possession all because of smoking DMT with friends. Luckily, the person becoming possessed wasn't spiritual, so with a couple lies about how long it's already been, he was able to fight it. You ever seen all black eyes in real life? By that - I mean even the white parts are black. I've seen it. 2 others who were sober have seen it. Literally it looks exactly like the demons who possess people in the show Supernatural.

Hence, don't treat such things as fun toys. Just like sex, there's a an energetic trade-off.

Most of us are willing to make the trade-off but it won't matter if it makes you lose your mind.

I can’t always spell it ALL out for you, but post some trip stories below!

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Deepanshu Kundu
Deepanshu Kundu
Oct 21, 2022

Hey occult hours! I always enjoy your tweets. Out of these 3, I've only ever tried acid. I've taken a mild dose of magic truffles too but the effects were a bit underwhelming. After repeated experiences with various psychs, I've come to the conclusion that they blur the boundaries between 'this' world and all the others that exist alongside it (you can call it the spirit world, the multiverse, alternate dimensions or whatever). Acid on its own has a very calming, therapeutic effect on me, but when cannabis is introduced into the equation, it's like pressing the unmute button on a remote. All of a sudden im made aware of various entities making their presences felt through noises and vibes.…

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