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Rick & Morty the Chaos Magicians Part 1

That's right, you read the damn title. Why? Because you get to learn about magic and because there's more than one instance. Time to get Schwifty.

If you know about the show, then you should remember the infamous MR.MEESEEKS!

For the sake of not having to explain it myself, here's what I ripped off of a random website to explain what MEESEEKS are.

For those that don't know, "Season 1's episode 'Meeseeks and Destroy,' Meeseeks are introduced as beings that live entirely to fulfill a single task, and once that task is complete, they cease to exist ( "

Uh oh...they're angry

Those stubborn f*cks wouldn't disappear until the job was done, in fact, they started to get a little crazy when they couldn't fulfill the task.

So what do the Meeseeks have to do with Chaos Magic? They're actually based off of one of the common practices within Chaos Magic...making Servitors.

That's right, SERVITORS. Do I want to be talking about this publicly? Hell no - Because these things ARE REAL and people are irresponsible.

Well then High King Dabbie, what are servitors?

Well, again here is something I ripped off of a website to save myself the explanation, it's: "a psychological complex, deliberately created by the magician for a specific purpose, that appears to operate autonomously from the magician's consciousness; i.e., as if it were an independently existing being(Wiki)."

Now, what that simple explanation is missing (as many things about magic online seem to miss), is that these "beings" are created usually to fulfill one purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled, they literally *POOF* GONE! YES, they do that in real life too (lol). Rick & Morty, however, captured the nature of Servitors, and show the possibility of the more extreme outcomes of having one of these things.

(Skip this part if you've seen the episode) To give more context, every time this special button was pressed, a Meeseeks would appear, existing to serve only one command, which after - it would be able to dissipate in peace. The family got greedy and spammed the button and a crowd of Meeseeks appeared. Jerry asked for help with his golf swing, and because he wasn't able to get his f*cking swing down, the Meeseeks started to hold people hostage and threaten to kill if he couldn't get the golfing swing on point. Refer to the photo below of Meeseeks all losing it and holding people hostage.

So how the hell does this photo pertain to the Servitors theory??? The thing with the original practice and creation of servitors (and people still slip up to this day) is that there really was no way to stop them until they finished the job. If you don't build certain functions in your servitor, then you're kind of stuck with it and as Rick & Morty has eloquently displayed with class - it can get messy.

It's a common belief that some paranormal activity isn't caused by ghosts, but rather SERVITORS that have never fulfilled their specific purpose. There's much more on this subject... but I'd rather keep my secrets today! Until Part 2, my friends. Enjoy.

Meeseeks = Servitors Checklist

✔ After the job is done they dissipate or disappear in a poof

✔ Entities made to fulfill a singular purpose

✔ Typical "golem turns on it's creator" syndrome

✘ A "scientific" creation

-------> Servitors are made from chaos magic not Rick's science. Meeseeks seem to be a combination of the 2

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