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About Witch Bottle Magic

Read the photo above for the general information.

Throughout the next few days I'll be posting about simple witch bottles and recipes for them. But, because I AM a Scorpio who likes to harbor my secrets and hard labor...I'm keeping the recipes and techniques simple.

This work is great for learning magicians or just plain feng shui lovers who love to bring in positive energy. My advanced witches are going to be bored with me though, because this is a basic and common spell.

The full moon is on the 12th, I'll be posting ideas for you to try everyday until then!

Witch bottles stem back to ancient practices (hint: the ceramic pots), and can be done in various different ways.

Witch bottles were usually made from fancy glass cork bottles and sealed off at the top. Nowadays, we have MASON JARS, which typically don't break and come in all sorts of perfect sizes.

There's so many different ways to do witch bottles and so many adaptations of magic that it can be molded into - I really hope you guys enjoy this and mess around with it a little bit.

Forewarning: If a bottle is filled with IMMENSE negative energy or catches a hex, it will crack or shatter. IT will NOT crack or shatter every single time there's a hit, so don't think that just because it didn't crack, that you shouldn't throw it out (I speak from experience). If there happens to be urine inside of the bottle....just know that you will have to pick up the pieces and throw it away. Make sure to properly seal the bottle because you just never want a leakage!

It's recommended to bury witch bottles once it's decided that they're done being used.

On my instagram @GenePool22 I'll be posting some of the witch bottles that I've had since I first started.

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