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Mercury Retrograde and How it Affects Magic

Oh yes, not only does Mercury RX come in swinging with chaos, communication issues, and exes crawling back - it also screws up SPELLS and MANIFESTATION!

Mercurial Entity
Reynard the Fox. A Trickster God.

Just when you didn't think it could get any worse. It is very erratic energy to work with, however, it does not stop any serious practitioners and spiritual workers (work don't stop!).

Mercury RX affects magical potency. Does that mean if you do a spell, it won't manifest? NO. It can, and it will, but Mercury is a trickster so be careful with your wording during Mercury RX. The potency of magic and spells are often severely dampened during these transits. Spells also seem to have more of a delayed result. There are ways around this, but that's for me to know! (hehehe)

Speaking about Mercury being a trickster, this is where the "be careful what you wish for" lessons we were all repeatedly taught come into play. If you improperly word your spells, you can seriously end up having the outcome that was improperly or metaphorically worded actually coming true.

As a consumer, Mercury RX is a time I do maintenance and cleaning spells. I don't recommend doing big (pricey) spells during this time nor do I recommend burning through money candles during this period, because chances are that you're going to reap more from spell candles AFTER RX than during. Again, there are ways that I personally work around this, but if you do need big rituals and spells done, I definitely recommend to seek out the work of a professional.

Spells I do recommend during Mercury RX is repeated cleanings or cleansing spells. The world might be burning around you, but as long as you stay cleansed, any chaos get's flicked off like a fly on your armor. This past RX I've done a total of 50+ cleanings, 35 being in one week of this RX. That's how crazy things get, and how essential I find it to cleanse.

Many people have complained about spells not manifesting this past month and to be honest a lot of these people had hexes on them INCLUDED with Mercury RX factored in.. sheesh. I definitely had my hands full this month.

From here on forth, no more disappointing Mercury RXs, you know what to expect!

For those that wasted a sh*t ton of candles - I truly apologize for not releasing this sooner.

May this article enlighten you seekers to have more successful workings <3

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