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Welcome to the Year of the Rat!

The Lunar New Year is finally here! We have now exited the Pig year and have entered the Rat Year! Continue reading until the end for more information on 2020 (minus the Chinese Astrology).

People born Ox, Dragon, Monkey, or Rat years are supposed to have good years since they're all compatible with the Rat. Before I get to the freaky stuff that this year could bring, let me give the friendly signs (ox, monkey, dragon, rat) some guidance.

This is the year to UTILIZE and propel yourself towards your goals. It isn't necessarily a time to relax unless you're already sitting on strong foundations - which if so, it's recommended to reinforce those foundations and strive for higher profile goals or projects. For the others, this entire year (minus the mercury retrogrades) is supposed to be for planting the seeds that you want to grow! Luck is in your favor, the things you (metaphorically) plant this year will thrive, and the matrix will reward you - if you don't slack! Now's a time for you to make those bold moves you've been waiting for! It'll also be a great time to gain more positive attention. Warning though, if you still keep that toxic person/habit/etc in your life, it could completely throw off or block all of the positive energy you could be receiving - so don't let anything contaminate your year. We usually only get 1 compatible year every 4 years, unless you're a rat or an ox.

In Chinese Astrology, there is actually "ENEMY" signs, meaning that if you're a Horse, you are incompatible with Rat energy; thus should heed this following warning.

People born in Horse years are strongly advised not to start any new ventures, sign any contracts, nor start relationships. I typically don't heed warnings, but Chinese Astrology has proven to me (and pelted me) time and time again, so whether you believe in this or not - take my word for it and heed this year. People born in Goat years should also watch out since Ox year (their enemy sign) is in 2021, and often times enemy signs get set up a year beforehand - so GOATS! Watch out as well! Enemy energy always finds a way to hit people, so don't be too sure (because the matrix knows!) or else you'll be surprised! It's also commonly recommended not to start new jobs this year, however, the way enemy years work - we don't always get a choice! So start a job or new ventures knowing that things could go either way or could very likely end one day. Another issue in enemy years, is people getting into jobs or relationships during their enemy years that keep them "stuck" and complacent where they SHOULDN'T BE. People under these energies are often advised to stick to their job and just stick out the whole year as far as they can and lay low. Everyone in enemy years should lay low because that's when unfortunate things tend to happen. In my enemy year of 2014 I totaled my car. That wasn't the only thing, but that's just an example of why you should lay low and pretty much stay put and calm.

With the other news, and a more global scale...

A few diseases have actually started in Rat years, whilst many pandemics started in a year with the number 20 in them. However, these PANDEMICS are actually more common in the Rat's friend sign, the Monkey.

1320- bubonic plague first created

1420- bubonic plague continues

1520- smallpox in americas

1620- bubonic plague returns

1720- last outbreak of bubonic plague

1820- cholera

1920- spanish flu

2020- wuhan coronavirus

Notice all of these pandemics have a common denominator with the years including the # 20, there's 2 of them this year so this is something to look out for. I'll leave out what I think about the recent Pandemic and how they fabricated the release of deadly pathogens. Not to mention The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 basically explains this scenario on a smaller scale while the patients all experience the same symptoms as this deadly Corona Virus going around. 33 million are quarantined and the Chinese are even barricading roads with dump trucks filled with dirt, so nobody can leave.

Another thing - economic recessions! The 1920's were kicked off by a huge recession which led to pressure release with the Flapper movement. As we all know, history repeats itself (Pop Culture Generation class - they'll teach you that history literally repeats itself and which eras emulated one another), so a recession is also a possibility. 19(20)s and it's 20(20).

The latest one (in the U.S.) was in 2008, during the RAT year, and this year is also a Rat year! See where I'm going with all of this?

It's VERY possible that there will be another recession this year since many have been anticipating a stock market crash for quite some time now. Personally, I am hoping otherwise, but for the sake of gathering information, I'm sharing this so I can't say I didn't warn anybody!

Many people in #GG33 are also predicting an economic crash, and looking back at the patterns, I can see why.

2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4 Universal Year

If we improperly look at 2020 it also = 22

Let's talk about these numbers. 4 is the number of LAW and ORDER, #GG33 has been saying that on 4 days COPS are always out, so you can predict a lot more cops out this year all around the world.

20(20) is also the card of JUDGEMENT in tarot. It's about the dead arising again, and 22 is the number of the MEDIUM. Dead arising. 22. medium. Are you starting to get it? If not, what I mean is that the spirits are more easily contacted this year and you can use that information, however you'd like because I can't give you all of my secrets (;

Truthfully though, beware of cops and law enforcement all of 2020 - I would be extra careful this year and expect a lot more of them around. You can also buy a Law Stay Away candle from our store lol, it's been heavily tried and tested.

Overall, I'm not too worried about America, I think we're going to slide by like one of those movies where the doors are closing and Tom Cruise barely manages to get through before it shuts closed. I did a reading and definitely think Trump is staying in office though.

To end things off on a lighter note, 20 = a hidden 11 for those that don't know, and 11 is the "master visionary" number. Although, it comes with a lot of chaotic energy and emotions, it can be used to manifest more easily your desires by visualizing what you want to achieve!

We truly hope you year is filled with magic and more loving knowledge!

- GenePool22's team of 2

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