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Simple (Overlooked) Cleansing Techniques

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

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I'm taking a break the next 2 months from my heavy occult topics and doing these info graphics. I want to start giving out practical and useful information for our followers.

When the time is right and all of these retrogrades are gone, I will go back to posting my developed metaphysical and occult theories.

As most already know, our auras can extend up to 10 feet. Due to that scientifically proven information, it is presumed that anybody that comes within our field can wash off, or rather rub off, the “black sludge” of negativity/heavy low vibrational emotions.

That guy whose hand you shook 3 days ago is mostly likely still lingering somewhere in your field as you read!

These low vibrations are also picked up by interactions on social media, being around crowds, and listening to emotionally driven people talk. It's becoming a trend to "protect your energy" and create healthy boundaries with friends because of these very reasons.

Where negative “black sludge” mostly gathers, is in the shoulders and the back of the neck. Those areas are most important to focus on when cleaning and trying to remove negative energy.

Here are 3 simple yet effective tips for everyday:

1. Smudge! Smoke can’t escape even the smallest of cracks in your walls, meaning any negative vibrations, entities, etc. won’t be able to tolerant lingering around certain burnt incenses/herbs/smells.

2. Seal! Protect your space and spray the walls with Miss Tiffy’s Special Pine Tar solution (in our shop’s Home Clearing Kit). Florida Water or Holy Water are decent substitutes. Don’t forget to seal your doors and windows with it as well to keep out any negative energies. Only seal the house, doorways, and windows once you’ve smudged the entire house - if not, you’d be trapping in the lingering energy.

3. Shower! Use certain herbal infused soap or salt scrubs every day on those shoulders and neck you start to feel a real difference. GenePool22 sells handcrafted Dragon’s Blood Soap made with a Goat’s Milk base for luscious skin and protection.

So even if you’re having a bad day, these 3 SSS’s lift the weight off of your shoulders while calming an anxious mind.

A little advice on friends and venting: the more time spent talking about said negativity/drama/etc, the more energy it's being fed - so why are you/they feeding it more energy than it needs?

THAT ENERGY is YOURS. STOP GIVING IT OUT to NEGATIVE situations and/or people. The chances are, some people are so emotionally driven that no matter what you say, they take your advice(also energy) to feed THEIR loop of negativity.

There's a difference between people who are venting and people who use others to dump their emotional baggage onto because they can't sit alone to process it themselves (I'm sorry - I had to say it).

This doesn't mean to dismiss everyone - It just means to let your friends know when we are all giving away more energy than need be on certain subjects/people/etc.

Side Note: To be quite frank, selfish people have a more closed off field, which grows from taking (energy exchange) from the selfless. Selfish people actually have an advantage with their closed off energies, it does actually repel and keep away many other energies from their own.

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