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Witch Bottle for Protection

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Here's what you've all been waiting for! A recipe for magic.

In the photo below, there's a recipe for a witch bottle protection.

Make sure before you use any mirrors in your spellwork that your reflection's never been in it.

First fill up a black or white poppet with protective ingredients. Don't forget to add a hair or nail clipping from whom you wish to protect inside the doll before you seal it shut (100% all natural handmade wool poppets can be found in our shop).

If you don't have a poppet, then you can just throw your personal items into the jar.

Put some salt in the jar, lay down some nails, insert the poppet, and cover it/surround it with more salt, as you lay the nails into the jar facing outward you also mix in the rest of the ingredients. Make sure the mixture covers even the top of the poppet.

You may also put a few drops of preferred protection oils into the jar before sealing it.

(Feel free to add whatever else you'd like, but if something happens - it's not my fault and then you'll need to hire me to help you lol)

Once it's sealed, carve a white candle with "protection" or "absorb all negativity in my life," really whatever you feel like writing, but make sure to watch the way you word It. Keep this somewhere dark and safe. Burn another candle on it 1x a month to keep it charged.

Throw it out after 8 months.

Voila! Enjoy crafting (: Full Moon on the 12th.

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