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Khuman Tong - Thailand's Common Practice of Necromancy

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

For those that no nothing about Thailand or Thai people, it is completely DIFFERENT THAN TAIWAN and TAIWANESE.

Thailand just celebrated Songkran from April 13 to April 15.

It's a Thai New Years Festival where everyone in Thailand takes to the streets to pour and spray water all over each other! I figured it was type of cleansing ritual on a national scale (Imagine playing Call of Duty online, except it's real life - with water guns, buckets, and truckbeds full of water), but as we all know, there is sometimes more sinister energy behind these types of rituals. I just haven't figured it out yet lol.

Khumon Tong Dolls. Injected with a Spirit by a monk.

That being said, Thailand is a very spiritually and traditionally rooted country...which brings me to my next topic... RAISING ABORTED FETUS SPIRITS.

It wasn't until I literally was naming this article that I realized it's F*CKING Necromancy.

Before I get to the juicy parts of the story, I'm going to break it down for the others that want to learn more about it (like me). But stick with me, I PROMISE YOU - it gets GOOD and you will see why someone would want this.

This well preserved baby fetus magic thingy majiggy is called Khuman Tong, or as Wiki states it: Kuman Thong.

This Thai tradition of raising an aborted baby fetus is not only an HONOR, but a serious matter. Recently it's become more popular for Thai people to use dolls, ritually injected with a spirit by a Monk.

JUST so it's clear, the BABY IS DEAD. IT's dried out, preserved (usually with lacquer or paint), and then gold is placed upon the corpse (shoutout to all my occultists who know what's going on here).

Usually, the baby comes from a parent that had an abortion. In other and less common cases, the baby is a miscarriage and those are very interesting cases.

Usually how the baby died is a factor in it's personality. Miscarriage babies sometimes have a melancholy energy surrounding them, deeply affected at their missed opportunity. While the purposely aborted ones are trouble makers and JUST SO full of life.

There are also unmarked baby graves in certain areas of Thailand that people will go into - usually to give them a proper cremation, other times for preservation into Khuman Tong.

OH - and I keep forgetting to mention... IT'S A COMMON AND WELL KNOWN PRACTICE.

So yes, anybody from Thailand will know exactly what you are talking about, the newer generations in U.S. (or away from the motherland) might not....I mean, who's parents are going to tell them about that. Mine didn't! I learned from the Monks!!

The only condition with being HONORED with such a gift (dead baby fetus), is that a Monk has to CHOOSE YOU. Just like a real life adoption service, the Monks want to find the PERFECT caretaker for this PURE spirit.

The spirit of an unborn child is SO PURE, my fellow Rothschildrens (my plural version for them) and the Vatican city Palpatine - ahem POPE - would know.

The purity is one of the reasons why the Monks want to find the perfect home for them, the other is obviously that spirits should be handled with the utmost respect, because just like humans, spirits can be taken advantage of.... and the Monks raise the spirits because they recognize that they are stuck or trapped spirits who just need a home. Can't say the same about the people who wish to have one.

After all, they're alive too and forbid anybody ever treated them otherwise.

As you can see, they're all preserved differently and don't necessarily look like fetuses. I assure you that they are in there.

The reason for the Monk's deliberate search for perfect caretakers, will come later into play with my stories about Khuman Tong.

I've only known 1 person in my life that had one and another who's had a direct story. One person was an old teacher - for the sake of this article I will refer to him as Doctor.

Out of 30 people, Doctor was the one chosen for the Khuman Thong. Of which, was a 3 week process that I have no idea about. Upon receiving it, there is a series of rites that must be done.

One of the first, is blessing the caretaker and introducing the spirit to the caretaker. Making sure that the spirit will GO WITH him. If it doesn't want to, then the process starts again with someone else. The Monks also have to say their goodbyes to the Kuman Thong once they find a caretaker.

Now, the spirit may have already communicated with the Monk, WHO it wants to take care of them, but the Monk also filters the choices because sometimes what a spirit wants is still not the best.

Assuming that the house has already been blessed, it's up to the caretaker to do the rest of the job. Most Thai people know what to do, but some will still need a Monk at this point.

It is believed in Thai culture that every house has it's own guardian spirits. When the caretaker arrives at his/her home, they have to ask the guardian spirits of their home to allow the Khuman Tong spirit to freely travel inside and out of the property.

This ritual involves the usual: giving offerings, incense, and intuition. I don't know how it's like for guardian house spirits to reject a pure unborn soul, but I can assure you - it's extremely rare.

If the guardians were to say "NO" It would manifest quickly, abruptly, and probably make you sh*t your pants.

Once able to enter the house with the Khuman Tong, the caretaker offers food to it like it's a living child, talks to it, and basically would have an altar already prepared for it. You can ask it what it's name is or you can name the spirit yourself if it doesn't already have one.

It's tradition to let the Khuman Tong EAT every time before you and your family have a meal.

From what I hear, most people seat the Khuman Tong at the dinner table with it's food. Then, when it's time for the humans to eat, they either eat at the table with the Khuman Tong, or may put it back on it's altar/shrine.

Now for the part everyone's been waiting for - BECAUSE IT NEVER JUST ENDS WITH AN INVISIBLE FORCE PROTECTING YOU.

The Doctor told me within 3 days, he already started seeing the Khuman Tong's spirit in his dreams. Additionally, it would also play with him while he slept.

The Khuman Tong had a name already and introduced himself to the Doctor in a dream. The Khuman Tong was very shy at first but EXTREMELY playful. He would play with the Doctor's feet every night, he would tug the sheets, hear laughter, hear talking, poking and tugging of his clothes, etc.

At first the Doctor was f*cking startled, rattled to the bones with the force of this spirit - however, as time went on he would literally say "I'm trying to sleep, STOP MESSING AROUND," and as a good child would, the Khuman Tong listened.

As years passed the Doctor saw the child's spirit GROW older. The spirit was actually growing up. The Doctor said he could clearly see and remember the growth by how the spirit's appearance began to change in his dreams over the years.