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Sephora or Sephira? The Occult & Elitist Makeup Store

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

SEPHORA sounds A LOT like SEPHIRA/SEPHIROTH (Tree of Life) which represents the 10 emanations of CREATION between 2 pillars. The Sephira is often associated with Hermetics & Kabbalah.

The Tree of Life. The 10 Sephiras.

Below, is an image of a typical Golden Dawn Hermetic Temple. It is also a common temple setup for Ceremonial Magic Practitioners.

What do I mean by Ceremonial Magic Practitioners? The material and content in most books/websites that say "Ceremonial Magic," are actually all the same sh*t in the Golden Dawn practice.

Ceremonial Magick is hermetically derived - and in short - it IS Golden Dawn practice constructed by people who weren't in the Golden Dawn.

As you'll notice below, there are 2 pillars, those pillars are the ones that every initiate must walk through as if it was a GATEWAY.

This temple setup also involves checkerboard flooring. Much like our oh-so darling freemasons.

The TYPICAL altar setup, which I utterly despise, is made of 2 BLACK CUBES stacked upon one another. I'm not going to get into explanation of what it means but one word: SATURNIAN!

Typical Hermetic Temple Setup

HighKingDabbie, TF CRACK R U ON?

Well, let me explain: Sephora's a makeup store, empowering (& charging energy/money to) people to CREATE their own emanations - remember "Sephira" means emanations OF CREATION.

Every store has 2 striped "pillars" at every entrance that people must walk through upon entering the store. Every Sephora is also very cubic (AHEM SATURNIAN/Masonic/BAD).

Wait a second what do those 2 pillars represent? A GATEWAY The consumer is giving away energy (or money which is the same thing) by walking into the store and using the Sephiras, which are the spheres of emanation.

Welcoming new initiates to your new order and temple!

NOW WHAT GATEWAY HAVE WE WALKED THROUGH??? Well - don't fret, I'm gonna walk you through it - ha.

Upon looking up what Sephora's logo really IS, I was surprised to find out that plain jane sites said that it represents a flame (you could easily look this up).

This suddenly makes sense to you Neophytes now, right?

Sephora's Logo

Flame HUH?! The first thing that popped into my head was the RIFT in Supernatural (TV Show) and a HEBREW letter.

The Rift is a rip in the fabric of reality (time & space) that leads to another world/timeline. This rift also LOOKS LIKE A FLAME (see below).