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The Mad Arab ain’t got Sh*t on me

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The other day, I was trying to figure out how to make Absinthe (What a way to start). This old drink, being formerly known as “The Green Fairy,” was just another weird reason I became immediately fixated with trying it. With very little knowledge on any side effects or warnings, besides that it causes hallucinations…I immediately became obsessed on trying to figure it out.

In a weird spazz of fixation, I quickly combined my studies & research on herbalism & magic and ran off to the store. Surprisingly, I found a lot of what I was looking for, which was a mix of herbs, flowers, and roots (rarely the case trying to find these types of things in real life).

I quickly bought the items (and a few other things I didn’t need), and quickly returned home. Instead of a complex distillation process with alcohol, I just made it into a tea.

As I was making the tea, I was able to clearly see the solution turn green, just like pictures online! WOW! HAHA I COULDN’T BELIEVE I DID IT! Now what? I smelled it…. What the heck am I smelling...??

So, I dumped a bunch of sugar in there (please don’t kill me my health advocate friends), and hoped for the best. Moments later, I said “F$3% IT” and CHUGGED.

I realized the sugar literally changed the ENTIRE thing around. IT WAS DELICIOUS and tasted almost like chamomile with sugar! But then - as it went down, I realized that maybe the alcohol is what makes the hallucinations happen…

I continued my research on Absinthe, whilst under the influence of what I call: “Absinthe Tea,” to figure out the effects as it was happening. I could feel my entire body beginning to relax and started to get slight tunnel hearing. My body felt like I had just smoked a copious amount of weed that was high in CBD.

APPARENTLY!!!! MOST ABSINTHE doesn’t cause hallucinations, as I was researching this, I decided I was just going to make myself another one then because now I’m disappointed and figured at least my dreams would be intense - AND THEY WERE.

In all honesty, I think it’s BS. A Near-Toxic amount would and should get the hallucinations going, and I definitely didn’t reach those levels - and couldn’t even if I tried.

OK WELL HALLUCINATION OR NOT, my dreams made up for everything I wish I had experienced sober. If I was more well practiced (and practicing my reality checks, ShoutOUT to The Lucid Homie!), I’d have been able to lucid dream and break those barriers easily. Instead, I received so many dreams that night - usually I'm only able to remember 2 of them. That night, I had 4 distinct and different dreams!

One of the dreams basically explained how the Apple Watch was a weird precursor to Micro Chipping humans – which I’m not trying to go into here because it already sounds crazy.

Okay, so - NO HALLUCINATIONS, but a big YES on VIVID DREAMS and BODY HIGHS. I found the perfect dream formula that can even induce foresight. Not only does this mix aid you in having MULTIPLE dreams a night, it also seriously enhances psychic abilities and opens your third eye.

Ever since sent me the Sleep Spray while it was in testing, I’ve been spraying my entire bed and just going straight out of body.

This tea mix is up on GenePool22’s Shop page as “Dreamsinthe Tea.” You’ll want to have a decent amount of time to sleep, so that you can maximize the amount of dreams you’ll have and freedom to practice gaining lucidity.

Safe Travels in the Astrals (:

Big ShoutOut to the Twitter fam!

@NumerologyNow - best Numerology & Occult Teacher that exists

@TheGoldenRam33 – The closest most will ever get to reading Elite information is in his Esoteric Newsletters #D33P7nsights

@Jaymes527 – abundant occult knowledge, including help on this Absinthe test.

@ThePuristDope Dream Master & Teacher. Also does dream analysis

@_Effar_ killing the site & collabing on ideas with me

P.S. My title is dedicated to the Mad Arab. The Necromantic Freak.

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