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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Most Magick Mirrors at new age shops are sold for $100. They're usually just cheap picture frames with the glass painted black. The ones from Gene Pool are made with charge accumulators to seriously ramp up scrying or juicing up usage for Astral travel.

The black in the mirror, is made from a beautiful black and secret (magickal) element used to draw out the positive qualities of other elements as well as HOLD THEIR CHARGE!

Sparks fly the moment you get your hands on any of the items described! This is truly the ultimate magick mirror, used from an early 1900's secret recipe.

Not EVEN THAT...THE STARS... So let me first explain: There is nothing more we hate than getting something that doesn't work (or at least when it's not NOTICEABLE).

While making these mirrors, I wasn't going to settle for nothing, so I had a couple seemingly skeptics try it out. I had them hold the stars to their third eye and tell me what they feel after they relaxed (3 deep breaths). It's usually instant, but most reported a pulsing, throbbing. Others reported a heavy pressure. Those who fall asleep with it on their third eye, or right next to them (trip:under your pillow), reported to have many dreams.

Personally ,I've fallen asleep with a glove on my left hand and I had vivid dreams that night, every single time I woke up and fell back asleep I had another dream.

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