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What in the Hermetic Philosophy?!!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

That’s damn right, son. We’re having THE talk. I heard you wanted to get into Hermetics… is it because you looked up “occult” online? Did it seem like worthwhile information? Because, son…it is. IT WAS. IT still, MIGHT BE.

Honestly, there’s a lot of valuable things in Hermetics and we have to pay respect where it’s due. But also, don’t you for one second think that something easily found & mainstream isn’t corrupted in one way, or another.

Hermetic Philosophy, well…the Golden Dawn, in particular, was based off of John Dee & Edward Kelley’s Enochian escapades.

The combination of the symbols and how they were used in tandem (for Enochian), were NEVER supposed to be taken out of context the way those that started the Golden Dawn (and Aleister Crowley), ran off with it [credit to author Jason Louve].

In my opinion, a lot of misleading information was incorporated into Hermetics and those tweaked versions, became mainstream. So - learn your basic archetypes and put on your discernment goggles!

The Golden Dawn (although I’m not expertly versed in it) seems to have some gems and decent philosophies.

However, I think quite a big chunk of the practice is actually very Saturnian.

"Why is Saturnian practice bad?" I can't spell it all out for you but there's a reason I say this. Not to say that working with Saturn sometimes can't be beneficial in some ways.

Crowley was part of MI6 (and was a big proponent in The Golden Dawn - many didn't want Crowley involved with TGD, however, he seems to have been planted into the group at a very high rank and things seemed to start moving faster with the initiate programs and temples..hmmm).

Israel Regardie (author of newest edition of the Golden Dawn) is also a Mason, so... I smell misdirection and misinfo hidden in the Golden Dawn - and if not, then it's filled with some sort of practice that "they" would want you to use.

John Dee & Edward Kelley also said that Enochian was apocalyptic magic. Said that its symbols weren’t meant to be broken down and used alone…. Or used at all. But the people in the Golden Dawn did not give 2 f***s.

Now, you can believe me or not - but I've heard and studied it enough to the point where I do think that working with true Enochian Magick is definitively apocalyptic.

Also, won't explain or go into it as it involves the stories and experiences of others.

I should charge for this content:

The Enochian Angels told Dee & Kelley that Enochian magic was LITERALLY FOR expediting the apocalypse, or the coming of anti-christ. The Angels wanted the Earth to be led under one government and one religion, alongside many other NWO correlations.

This means that The Golden Dawn’s practice, in part, has elements for hastening the apocalypse (and is probably not the most beneficial for you). The earlier versions of TGD are probably more pure, powerful, and positive than the past few newest editions of TGD.

The earlier edition books (talking about the first 3 editions) are pricey.

I mean, COME TF ON most of every rite from the Golden Dawn invokes a sh*t ton of spirits... or should i say...



Dee, the astrologist, mathematician, occultist, and magi, was Queen Elizabeth I’s advisor. He’s the one that laid down many of the plans for the NWO that are still being carried out today. These plans were thought out in the 1550s -1600. If not the plans - then the concepts are still being carried on to THIS very day. Don't forget that many of those plans might’ve needed adapting and adjustments.

How do I know this? Well, Dee knew when the age of Aquarius was going to happen (arguably being the English Empire's finest astrologist at the time), he KNEW that people were going to be rebellious. Alongside many other Aquarian traits, he knew how to play on the emotions of the Aquarius energy. Because, of that knowledge, he was able to lay down main concepts for the NWO with the Queen and English Empire.

The NWO government seeks to unite the world (in a BAD totalitarian way). There are 3 capitals: London (which just seceded from the U.K.), The Vatican City (Its own fuggin city), and Washington D.C. (Its own country, not part of the U.S.). London is the financial sector, Vatican City is clearly the religious sector, and Washington D.C. is the government sector.

All thanks to Big Dee… we are fast track on the road to the New World Order

For those that don’t know what it is, search “New World Order plans” on google.

One thing I willl say about my Enochian Research is that I came across a string of weird results that literally stated that the practitioner was sodomized, NOT JUST ONCE. But every. single. time.

That’s why you don’t play with magic.

The practitioner was so used to this, that he did 1,008 bows before every invocation just to loosen his body up and relax his mind for “the process.”

Use heavy discernment. Especially, before practicing anything. Study it for at least a year and think about all the good reasons you SHOULDn't DO IT. Then when you do it, expect those "shouldn'ts" to happen.

Also, I guess…. don’t let these stories discourage you. If working with these types of entities and heavy exchanges is your thing, and you're able to keep them and your life under control - I don't judge!! Just don't go in blind.

At the end of the day, I'm just glad I never got into doing the LBRP. I've found a safe way to reinvent it but I won't share that for free and still testing it out.

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